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Our Story

Helen Hargett "Owner & Founder"

In 2018, owner & founder Helen Hargett embarked on a journey of healing through a multitude of self-love practices such as her best seller “Manifest Your Dream Life” Journal. Helen created this extraordinary manifesting journal with the greatest intention that whoever received this journal would come to know peace, prosperity, abundance, gratitude, love, and ultimately healing. After a terrible breakup and massive financial problems Helen was left alone, broken and in a financial crisis. At the age of 50, Helen found herself having to pick up the pieces and start all over again. Helen vowed to NEVER tell a story of spiritual, mental and emotional bankruptcy ever again.

One day while at work Helen wrote the words…”TODAY” on a bland yellow post-it-note. By the end of the week she had accumulated several post-it-notes. They were scattered but were radiating with the healing power Helen needed to become aware of the SHIFT that was slowly happening within her. She knew it was a small start but came to quickly realize that it gave her purpose and direction. 

Helen began journaling and setting short term goals for herself. She made a commitment every morning to journal and speak positivism into her life each and every day. During the evening she would journal about her day as well as a period of self reflection. Helen ensured to take accountability for the part she played in her daily walk.

 In doing so she recognized that she had so much to be grateful for and how gratitude caused RADICAL change in her life. Her self-love practices allowed her to become much more productive than when she was buried in financial debt. She began to retain control over her life. She began to change her outcome for her Highest Good.

This period of liberation provided her with the resolve and strength to move forward with her life. She began to manifest her heart's desires right before her eyes. She was amazed at the power of journaling. She made the decision to live as though her finances and emotional state of being was stable despite all of the evidence to the contrary. That’s how this thing works.

The Law of Attraction teaches us to behave like it has already happened. That change in thought stunned Helen. The shift allowed her life to start turning around rapidly. She was amazed at how quickly her life could become something she looked forward to. This self-love practice released her from the shackles that kept her chained to her past. Helen let go of those bags and picked up positive affirmations, journaling and gratitude. She finally had something to smile about. During this process Helen has made it her mission to help others move into peace, calmness, and happiness.  

Manifesting Journals with Intent

Think it, Speak It, Journal It, Work It, Receive It.

With my custom journals, abundance is only a page away

~Gratitude in Everything~

  Helen Hargett

Certified Life Coach


Manifesting Journal

Journaling is a great way to manifest your desires, as it helps you tap into powerful manifestation techniques on a daily basis, such as: Being the vibrational match for what you seek to attract. Thinking, feeling and acting as if your desires are already a reality.Taking intentional actions to attract your desires. Getting into alignment with the universe. Reprogramming your subconscious mind.

High Effective Daily Writing Prompts

The Orleans Dream Girl Journal's highly effective daily writing prompts make manifesting easier.

In just minutes per day, you will radically transform your mindset, get in alignment with The Universe and raise your vibrational energy to manifest the life you desire and deserve.

By following these morning and evening writing prompts in The Orleans Dream Girl Journal, there's no time spent staring at a blank journal page, wondering what you should write about to manifest your desires.

These proven manifestation journaling prompts help thousands of people just like you start each day feeling more focused, happier than ever and unstoppable on their journeys to manifest the biggest goals.

Journal Your Way To a More Positive Life

Our minds can be our own worst enemy. We can so easily become our biggest critics, letting ourselves drown in negativity, and getting so low that we can’t possibly see any light ahead. 

We find that journaling is a fantastic way to jumpstart this journey as it requires a healthy amount of introspection, planning, and reflection.

This element of freedom lets you feel more comfortable with “speaking” to your journal and this allows you to better express yourself and work through your emotions. 

Manifest Your Dream Life

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Customer Testimonials

I LOVE my Manifesting Journal!! This is perfect for anyone, even beginning writers! It has the perfect space for writing down daily thoughts, and I love the messages on each page. Also great to give as gifts!♥️

Krissie Neese

Even though it’s a journal, I read through it like a book. The messages on each page gives a feeling of achieving anything! I felt grateful for the small things and thankful for the things to come! I can’t wait to start writing!! Thank you so much💛💛💛

Kalijah Neal

I’m so excited! I received my journal within just a few days and that’s amazing considering what we are going through as a country right now. In these times it is so important to journal. I had been looking for the right journal since the beginning of the year and couldn’t find anything to suit me but this one is perfect and right on time. Time to make my dreams come true

Meka Miller

Manifest Your Dream Life

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